For commercial and domestic properties, when considering what type of material to use on a roof, there is a range of different types and options out there.

Have you ever considered EPDM roofing?

EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Terpolymer) is a type of rubber membrane used on low slope buildings all over the world owing to the extreme durability of the synthetic rubber. To explain what it is actually made up of, the ethylene and propylene contained within it actually come from oils and natural gases.

EPDM roofing installation makes a great choice as it has been used for over 40 years in the roofing industry. It is a favoured method for architects and contractors for many roofing projects.

Why to choose EPDM over other roof materials: unlike other roofing materials Epdm is installed in a one-piece single-ply membrane as Spode to other materials which are built up of multiple layers and multiple pieces the Epdm membrane is specifically cut to the size and shape of your roof joins no leaks!!!! With over half a century track record for performance and durability to provide a sustainable long-lasting flat roof that is maintenance-free, does not split crack or rot Epdm is safe to install does not support the growth of moss and Algee.

EPDM roofing’s durability is the main reason for its popularity. The return you get from having it installed is great. The materials contained within it have been proven over many years to be fatigue resistant, resistant against weathering and abrasion, flexible in low temperatures, resistant to extreme heat temperatures and has thermal shock durability.

It is also highly resistant to wind damage, by meeting a wide variety of wind uplifts.

Another good reason to consider investing in this type of roofing material is that EPDM ever since its inception has constantly been worked on and tested. This means that over the years, more and more discoveries have been made and new features worked on and improved.

This means this is a constantly evolving product, including the equipment used for its installation. The product is constantly enhanced giving greater performance.

Get in touch with us if you want to know more and we will happily explain EPDM roofing and what it can do for your roofing needs.

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New Roofs & Re-Roofing

We provide our customers with new roofs and re-roofing services, covering roof slating, tiling and stripping back the existing system than replacing the roof.

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Emergency Roof Repairs

We do offer emergency roof repair services in a wide range of area. If you are in need of emergency roofing service, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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Chimney Repairs

Our services include chimney repair, chimney lead work, repointing, lead flashings, lead soakers, chimney rebuilds and chimney removal.

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Tiled Conservatory Roofing

The conservatory tiled roof offers traditional and contemporary finishes .

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Flat Roofing

This style of roofing is very cost-effective and efficient because it allows for all of your roof space to be used, on top and underneath. 

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Fascia, Soffit & Guttering

We provide tailor-made combination of Fascias, Soffits & Guttering. Get in touch with us to book your inspection visit.

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We do offer bespoke roofing options. Please get in touch with our team for more details.

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Roof Repairs

We offer roof repairs for leaking roof, water damage, lead flashing, mould removal, broken slates, slipped tiles, garage roof, blocked or broken guttering systems and more.